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Checks payable to: FGCGRC – Mailed to: 807 133rd Street E.   Bradenton,FL 34212



2019 FGCGRC Specialty Show – “Primarily A Hunting Dog Theme”

Trophy Sponsorships will pay for


Best of Breed               Camo  Chair          80.00        In Memory of Goose – Boca Gold Goldens

Best of Opp                  Camo Chair           80.00        In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens

Best of Winners           Camo KBG Dog Cushion    35.00

Winners Dog               Camo Igloo Cooler       50.00

Winners Bitch              Camo Igloo Cooler      50.00

Reserve WD                Dokken Mallard           30.00

Reserve WB                Dokken Mallard           30.00

Stud Dog                     Dokken Bumper       10.00      In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens

Brood Bitch                 Dokken Bumper        10.00     In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens


1st in each class:  Will each receive a white Dokken Bumper – $10.00 per Class

6-9 dog

9-12 dog

12-18 dog

Novice dog

AOH dog

BBE dog

Am Bred dog

Open dog

Hunting Ret Dog       Rockstar Goldens – Pat Kopcp and Mike Orloff

Vet 7-10 dog             Rockstar Goldens

Vet 10-12                  Rockstar Goldens

Vet 12+                     Rockstar Goldens


6-9 Bitch

9-12 Bitch

12-18 Bitch

Novice Bitch

AOH bitch

BBE bitch

Am Bred bitch

Open Bitch

Hunting Ret bitch

Veteran 7-10 bitch            Monark Goldens

Vet 10-12 bitch                 Monark Goldens

Vet 12+                             Monark Goldens


Sweepstakes Winners will each receive a Camo Stainless Steel water Bottle – $25.00 each

Best Puppy In Sweepstakes –

Best Opp Puppy –

Best Veteran In Sweepstakes –  In Memory of Goose – Kathy Hanas

Best Opp Veteran –     Monark Goldens

General Donations Fund