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Checks payable to: FGCGRC – Mailed to: 807 133rd Street E.   Bradenton,FL 34212



2019 FGCGRC Specialty Show – “Primarily A Hunting Dog Theme”

Trophy Sponsorships will pay for


Best of Breed               Camo  Chair          80.00        In Memory of Goose – Boca Gold Goldens

Best of Opp                  Camo Chair           80.00        In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens

Best of Winners           Camo KBG Dog Cushion    35.00  Destiny Martel – 24K Retrievers

Winners Dog               Camo Igloo Cooler       50.00  Caroline Kendrick – Ingot Goldens

Winners Bitch              Camo Igloo Cooler      50.00 Caroline Kendrick – Ingot Goldens

Reserve WD                Dokken Mallard           30.00

Reserve WB                Dokken Mallard           30.00

Stud Dog                     Dokken Bumper       10.00      In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens

Brood Bitch                 Dokken Bumper        10.00     In Memory of Gabby – Wonderland Goldens


1st in each class:  Will each receive a white Dokken Bumper – $10.00 per Class

6-9 dog     Ruth Stallings

9-12 dog

12-18 dog      Ruth Stallings

Novice dog

AOH dog

BBE dog –   The Napoli Family

Am Bred dog

Open dog

Hunting Ret Dog       Rockstar Goldens – Pat Kopco and Mike Orloff

Vet 7-10 dog             Rockstar Goldens

Vet 10-12                  Rockstar Goldens

Vet 12+                     Rockstar Goldens


6-9 Bitch

9-12 Bitch     Ruth Stallings

12-18 Bitch

Novice Bitch

AOH bitch

BBE bitch  –    the Napoli Family

Am Bred bitch

Open Bitch     Ruth Stallings

Hunting Ret bitch

Veteran 7-10 bitch            Monark Goldens

Vet 10-12 bitch                 Monark Goldens

Vet 12+                             Monark Goldens


Sweepstakes Winners will each receive a Camo Stainless Steel water Bottle – $25.00 each

Best Puppy In Sweepstakes –  Rhythm Goldens

Best Opp Puppy –   Rhythm Goldens

Best Veteran In Sweepstakes –  In Memory of Goose – Kathy Hanas

Best Opp Veteran –     Monark Goldens

General Donations Fund