Sheree Melhuish – SaffireGoldens@aol.com to sponsor                                                

Checks payable to: FGCGRC – Mailed to: 807 133rd Street E.   Bradenton,FL 34212

FGCGRC Specialty will be on September 26,2020 in Tampa at the Tampa Fairgrounds after the June Cluster was cancelled due to Covid 19.  We hope to see all of you at these new scheduled shows because they have taken special care to ensure that you will feel comfortable returning to dog shows.  This years “theme” will be The Hunting Theme which was such a hit prior.   After all, The Golden Retriever is a Hunting Dog!!  We hope to see you there!                          


Trophy Sponsorships will pay for a” Lovely Large Rosette” and the following listed trophy:


Best of Breed                Camo Director’s Chair / backpack        80.00                                                                  Boca Gold Goldens In Loving Memory of Goose

Best of Opp                  Camo Director’s Chair  /backpack        80.00

Best of Winners            Camo Seat with attached Cooler    65.00

Winners Dog                Large Camo Cooler       50.00         Braelynn Kennel/Brandy Brian

Winners Bitch               Large Camo Cooler       50.00        The Gallagher Family

Reserve WD                Camo Drink Cooler         30.00

Reserve WB                 Camo Drink Cooler        30.00

Select Dog                   Rosette                       20.00

Select Bitch                 Rosette                        20.00


1st in each class:  Will each receive a Field Training Bumper –  $10.00

6-9 dog –

9-12 dog

12-18 dog

Novice dog

AOH dog

BBE dog –

Am Bred dog

Open dog

Hunting Ret Dog –

Vet 7-10 dog –

Vet 10-12 –

Vet 12+ –

6-9 Bitch –

9-12 Bitch –

12-18 Bitch –

Novice Bitch –

AOH bitch –

BBE bitch  –

Am Bred bitch –

Open Bitch –

Hunting Ret bitch

Veteran 7-10 bitch

Vet 10-12 bitch

Vet 12+


Sweepstakes Winners will each receive a Rosette Sash and a Camo Dog Bowl

$30.00 each

Best Puppy In Sweepstakes –

Best Opp Puppy –

Best Veteran In Sweepstakes –

Best Opp Veteran –